Cancellation necessary due to fruit fly problems.

Due to problems with fruit flies and this year's crop, we regretfully have decided to cancel U-Pick operation for this year.

PLEASE NOTE: We had previously announced that the U-Pick Cherry Orchard would be opening August 1. After a final walk-through on July 30 in preparation to the u-pick opening, we discovered issues throughout our orchards that would negatively impact both the cherry picking experience and the fruit quality. We are sorry for any confusion or disappointment that this new development may cause.

 Contact: St. Therese Institute:   Call 306.369.2555,   Text 306.369.7548,   or  Contact online.



U-Pick Cherries

COME AND PICK starting August 1!

Cherry Sunday may have been cancelled for this year, but the orchards have not gone away! The St. Therese grounds feature several acres of Cherry Orchard, featuring several varieties of the great tasting, tart-but-sweet University of Saskatoon-developed Dwarf Sour Cherry.

PLEASE NOTE: Cherry yield is low this year due to high winds blowing off blossoms in the spring. We recommend coming asap after our Aug. 1 opening, and plan on spending more time picking in the orchard as you'll have to pick from more trees due to low yield.

HOW TO U-PICK: Picking is self-pay and BYOB (ahem... that's Bring Your Own 4L BUCKET). Come to the front door of St. Therese Institute at the north end of Main St. in Bruno, SK, and ask us for information on where to pick (during office hours) or follow the posted instructions and signs (after-hours).

COST: Cherries are $10 per 4L bucket (remember, BYOBucket)
Payment can be 1) made at the St. Therese office during office hours (M-F 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm), or 2) deposited in a drop box outside the front door of St. Therese after hours.

HOURS: You can pick any time during daylight hours, 7 days per week.

MORE INFO - contact St. Therese Institute:   Call 306.369.2555,   Text 306.369.7548,   or  Contact online.